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GreenPointe Financial | Rochester, New York, We have Removed the Following Items From Our Clients Credit Reports, Bankruptcies, Charge-Offs, Collections, Inquiries, Judgments, Medical Bills, Reposessions, Tax Liens, Debt Settlement, Debt Negotiation.
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 Best New York State Credit Repair Company, NY
Don't Go It Alone
As a credit active consumer under the FCRA
(Fair Credit Reporting Act) you have a legal
right to challenge negative information on
your credit report. However, repairing your
own credit is very time consuming and
requires a dedicated effort.
Additionally, as the video to the right shows
getting the desired results from the credit
reporting agencies can also be frustrating.
With GreenPointe Financial in the drivers seat we will provide a convenient and trusted alternative;
that allows you to avoid the hassles and long

hours involved with credit repair: we are
here for You!
Need to Repair Your Bad Credit? Contact GreenPointe Financial Today For a FREE Credit Consultation 877.546.9625.

Our Goals Are The Same as Yours, We Want you To Succeed

Repairing your credit is one of the best financial decisions you can make.

And to assist you in achieving your optimal credit profile, we incorporate

time tested services that encompass innovative dispute methodologies,

creditor interventions and other credit repair procedures.

To learn more or to sign up by phone call us at 877.546.9625. 

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