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GreenPointe Financial Founder Robert R. Donald
GreenPointe Financial Rochester, New York, Buffalo, New York, Syracuse, New York, NY State Credit Repair Company, Google Best Credit Repair

About Our Company 1

As a nationwide provider of credit rating correction and debt

resolution services, at GreenPointe we know that your most

important financial assets are your credit reports and scores.

And since your credit history is the means to financial success,

we believe in going the extra mile to ensure maximum results

for each and every one of our clients.

Moreover, by being formally empowered to challenge derogatory

items on your behalf, we exert our experience in dealing with the

credit bureaus and creditor tactics. Allowing you to take care of

what’s important.

And because we employ a hands on approach to customer care,

our trained CSR’s will assist you with any questions or concerns you

may have; throughout the credit correction process.   

On the compliance side, GreenPointe Financial operates under the

Federal Trade Commission’s Credit Repair Organizations Act

(CORA); which is the law that governs our industry.

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 Robert R. Donald - Founder and CEO of GreenPointe Financial
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