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Why Is Your Credit Report Important - GreenPointe Financial

The term "credit reputation" can either be used synonymous to credit history or to credit score

In the United States, when a customer fills out an application

for credit from a bank, store or credit card company, their

information is forwarded to a credit bureau. The credit bureau

matches the name, address and other identifying information

on the credit applicant with information retained by the bureau

in its files. That's why it's very important for creditors, lenders

and others to provide accurate data to credit bureaus.

Moreover, each request for information on your personal credit

history is noted on your credit report; this request is called an

"Inquiry." Such "Inquiries" typically follow your request for

additional credit (e.g., opening an account at a department store

or applying for an automobile loan). If the "Inquiry" has been

made within the past 90 days, it is noted on the report to the

lending entity. The lending entity wants to know the extent of

other credit applications you may have outstanding so it can

consider the impact of these potential obligations on your loan application.

Also, there has been much discussion over the accuracy of the

data in consumer reports. And as the video on our home page

suggests it's estimated that forty-million consumers have

mistakes listed on their credit reports. In addition this number

more than likely is much higher due to the credit breaches that

have occurred over the past several years.

Thus as a credit active consumer  you should review all three of

your reports yearly. To do so for FREE visit Annual Credit Report.Com.



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