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Questions About Us

Is Credit Repair Legal?
YES! Correcting inaccuracies on your credit report is your legal right!

And, to insure that you are treated fairly, we will exercise on your behalf over 290 federal and state specific laws; declared in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Truth in Landing Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act.

How Does GreenPointe Repair My Credit?
GreenPointe Financial helps repair and raise your credit scores as quickly as possible by making full use of your credit rights.



For example, in order for the credit bureaus to keep a disputed credit item on your credit report they must have evidence that it is accurate, timely and verifiable. Very often, disputed credit items cannot be verified because the creditor is unable to provide proof of the information or does not wish to go through the trouble of verifying it. In such a case, the listing should be removed.

Also, the bureau’s investigation must be completed within 30 days, or the listing must be removed.

Is GreenPointe an Automated Dispute Service?
NO! We offer a personalized service and the full benefit of our years of industry experience.

Moreover, our methodical, hands-on, in-depth approach insures that you will get the best results possible.

How Long Will It Take to Repair My Credit?

As a GreenPointe client you can anticipate seeing positive results in as little as 45 – 60 days.

However, the entire credit repair process (time frame) will depend on the severity of your individual case. And, on the number of items that need to be disputed.

Lastly, the progress of your case will depend on your timely participation (E.G. Sending in received responses and credit reports). On average our clients are with us between 6 and 12 months.

What is the Case Establishment Fee?

The Case Establishment Fee is a one-time charge that occurs (depending on your state rescission law) between 3 – 15 days after signing up for our credit repair program.

This charge only occurs after all the work has been performed to establish your case file and first round of challenges. And, like subsequent monthly service fees GreenPointe Financial only charges you after the promised work has been completed. We Do Not pre-charge.

What if My Wife and I Have Joint Accounts?
Joint accounts are handled in the same manner as an individual case.



However, if you and your spouse share the same questionable item and he/ she is not enrolled in our program, then only your credit reports will receive attention.

Therefore, to move forward together, you may want to sign up for our Family and Friends program.

Can GreenPointe Remove Judgments, Tax Liens ETC.?
By law, we cannot promise or say that with certainty that negative entries on your credit reports such as judgments, collections, charge-offs, tax liens etc. will be eliminated.

However, while we don’t make promises, it is important to note that we have removed judgments, bankruptcies, and repossessions, from credit reports in the past.

For example of our success with these items, please visit our Actual Client Results Page.

What Disputes Do Bureaus Consider Frivolous?
Arbitrary disputes may be considered frivolous, if they fail to provide allegations concerning specific items in your file.

This is a common error made by inexperienced credit repair companies, which simply dispute all negative items or most of them at one time; without any specific basis for the challenge.

What If a Disputed Item Is Returned Verified?
If a disputed item is returned from the bureaus as verified, we will escalate the issue to get the desired result.

However, to prevent the negative listing form be classified as frivolous we will commence an audit on your creditors asking them to verify the listing, and or debt, which will include seeking original signed documents, dates of last activity etc.

Can Removed Items Reappear?
On occasion, a negative item that was recently removed may eventually be verified by the creditor. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that the credit bureaus inform you before there is a repeat list of a previously of a previously deleted item.

The FCRA also makes it more difficult for credit bureaus to re-report listings. Thus, because of these factors, it is rare for listings to come back on once they have been deleted.

Yet, if a questionable item is verified at a later point in time, GreenPointe will assist you in challenging it again; if these are legitimate grounds to do so.

How Do I Send Reports and Response Updates?
To ensure that we receive legible copies GreenPointe has adopted a policy which requires clients to deliver documents to us via fax, email/ PDF or U.S. postal Service.


Further, for your own records, we recommend that you make copies of your credit reports and any other answers you receive; as a result of our work.

What is Your Refund Policy?
If we fail to provide any of our agreed-upon services to you for any given month, you will not be billed for that month. Even if your payment has already been processed, you will receive a refund.

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