Our Process
At GreenPointe, we will do everything in our power to make your relationship with us easy, satisfying and above all productive.
Our systematic series of events will enable you to understand first hand, how easy it is to begin and complete the credit repair process.
Methodical and Persistent

How It Works…

1. Begin by filling out our simple Online Sign Up Forms. They are easy to complete and take less than 5 minute!

2. Upon receiving the enrollment forms we will forward to your attention along with other federally mandated disclosures, (via email/ PDF) a copy of our RETAINER & LIMITED DESIGNATION OF AGENCY AGREEMENT; which covers the following information:

a. Detailed description of the services to be completed

b. Payment terms for services including all costs

c. Time period to achieve results

d. And client responsibilities

3. Provide GreenPointe with the following disclosures…

a. Your credit reports from all three major bureaus. If you don’t already have your credit reports we can assist you in obtaining them.

b. Copies of your Case Establishment Identification Verification documents (as they are required to effectively challenge your case.

4. After receiving all necessary agreements and required documents to enroll in our program, the processing department will perform a complete itemized analysis of your credit reports. During which we will then develop a customized plan of action specific to your unique situation.

Now tracking the receipt of your challenges, the credit bureaus now have 30 days by law to investigate your dispute(s).

5. At the conclusion of the credit bureau(s) investigation, they must respond and/or inform you of the results. A new copy of the credit report should be sent directly to you along with any deletions or updated information they have added. 

Your responsibility is then to first make a copy of the responses for your records. Then, forward to us (within 10 days of receipt) the originals/new credit report(s) and or any related correspondence pertaining to our efforts.

This cycle will repeat itself monthly to continue improving your overall credit file(s) and scores.

The Truth About Credit Repair

There is no “magic wand” that someone can wave over your credit files to make years of bad credit “disappear” overnight. Our process of legal credit repair focuses on the misleading information, inaccuracies, untimely, incomplete, ambiguous,  unverifiable, questionable and misstatements on your credit reports; which requires time, diligence And persistence. Most individuals begin to see impressive results within 45-60 days.



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