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Credit Repair Affiliate Program - GreenPointe Financial

The Basics

Our Professional Services Referrer Program is great for

(but not limited to) Mortgage, Real Estate and Automobile

Our goal is to help you retain your denied credit clients for

future business, by raising their credit scores as quickly as


Thus as a Referring Professional of GreenPointe Financial,

you will never turn another credit challenged client away

for poor credit reasons.

How it Works

Now you can built a pipe-line of future business while

earning money at the same time; by offering an efficient, affordable credit repair service.

How... each time a referral becomes a GreenPointe

client, you will receive a commission of $50.00 - $75.00; paid

cumulatively bi-weekly.

In addition, you will be able to track your referrals credit

repair progress, via your Referrer Tracking Website; thus

you will be the first to know when they become bankable.

So to get paid for every client you spend time with, plus

generate qualified leads (for the slow times) simply click

on the top right Sign Up button to get started.

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