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GreenPointe Financial | Debt Settlment Process and Pricing


At GreenPointe Financial our goal is to make the debt settlement process an easy and successful

experience. Moreover, our methodical approach to debt reduction ensures that our clients get the

most thorough service available.





Begin by filling out our simple online signup forms. They are easy to complete and take less

than 5 minutes! 

2. Upon receiving the enrollment forms we will forward to your attention along with other federally mandated disclosures, (via email/ PDF) a copy of our RETAINER & LIMITED DESIGNATION OF
AGREEMENT; which covers the following information:
a. Detailed description of the services to be completed.
b. Payment terms for services, including all costs.
c. Time period of how long it will take to achieve the results.
  d. And client responsibilities.
Provide GreenPointe with the following disclosures...
A. Your credit reports from all three major bureaus. If you don't already have recent credit
files procured within the last 60 days, we can assist you in obtaining them.
B. Copies of your Case Establishment Identification Verification documents (as they are
required to effectively challenge your case.

After receiving all necessary agreements and required documents to enroll in our program,

the processing department will perform a complete analysis of your credit files; to review

your payment history.


To evaluate your ability to pay the outstanding obligations we will review your monthly budget

to determine your debt to income ratio (DTI); which is the percentage of your monthly income

versus total out going debt. E.G. If a consumers monthly gross income is $6,000. and his/ her

monthly total debts are $2,000. their DTI would equal .33 percent.

6. Upon the expiration of the 3 - 5 day recession period we will begin the process of working your
case file. Which includes (to keep from voiding your legal rights) challenging the relevant credit
bureaus, and to ensure legal assignment auditing the creditor/ collection company.
Once this preliminary work has been completed and if still necessary, the debt negotiation
process will begin.
7. Finally, because all work will be going out on your behalf, in your name, your responsibility
will be to forward A.S.A.P. (via fax or email/ PDF) any related responses. As some of the
information maybe timely, and it's content is the only method we have to determine our next
course of action.

Occasionally, the question of can I negotiate my own Debt Settlement does arise, and the answer is
absolutely! However, it isn't a right and there is no guarantee that an original creditor or debt collector
will accept your or even our offer.

However, by employing GreenPointe you can rest assured that we have experience navigating through
the process; and by working with conscientious clients have been able to post above average results.

In general debt settlement companies either charge a percentage of the total debt or a percentage of the
debt eliminated through the settlement.

E.G. Say you owe $10,000. If the agency charges 15% of total debt, you would pay the agency $1,500.
regardless of how the debt is settled. But, if the agency charges 25% of eliminated debt, and it's able to
get the balance reduced to $6,000. you would pay $1,000. in fees (or 25% of the $4,000. that was
At GreenPointe unlike other companies we charge a flat fee for our debt reduction service. Why, because if
you are having trouble paying bills we want to help you get back on track financially A.S.A.P.

Therefore, please find below our fee schedule for common services.

NOTE: Pricing is per individual item.
A. Judgment (Existing) -
Situation: Due to not answering the served complaint a
court awarded the creditor a default judgment. 2 yrs Or Older.
Offered Service: Creditor/ Collector Audit. Negotiate
Debt Reduction Lump Sum Payoff, and credit reporting
deletion or language adjustment.
B. Judgment (Potential) /
Service Of Process -
Situation: You received a complaint and depending
how you were served are still within the 20 - 30 day
response window.
Offered Service: Credit Bureau and Creditor/ Collector
Audits. Submit Answer to served complaint. Negotiate
Debt Reduction Lump Sum Payoff. AND if necessary
will file Draft and File Answering Papers to Motion of
Summary Judgment (MSJ). Credit reporting deletion or
language adjustment.
C. Auto Repossession - Situation: Over 2 Years Old
Offered Service: Creditor/ Collector Audit. Negotiate
Debt Reduction Lump Sum Payoff, and credit reporting
deletion or language adjustment.
D. ALL Other Charged Off Accounts 2 yrs & Older - Personal Loans, Medical Bills etc.  $1,000.00 - $2,500.00

Personal Loans, Medical Bills etc.  $2,500.00 - $5,000.00

    Offered Service: Creditor/ Collector Audit. Negotiate
Debt Reduction Lump Sum Payoff, and credit reporting
deletion or language adjustment.
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