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Auto Repossession

Case Synopsis

A legal action was in progress against

our client as they were served a

Judicial Summons to appear in court, for a repossessed car.

The original creditor was seeking to be awarded a judgment of $5,115.00.

However by filing the necessary papers GreenPointe was able to stave the action.

And through negotiations with the       collecting law firm were able to settle the obligation at a 41.3% reduction;

saving our client $2,114.00.

Credit Card

Case Synopsis

Having been served a Judicial

Summons to appear via the Supreme Court for an outstanding credit card

debt, the legal action was in progress when our client contacted us



And based on mailed receipts that

our client allegedly received, the

original creditor was seeking to be awarded a Summary judgment in

the amount of $5,046.00.


However, after filing the necessary

papers on behalf of our client, the plaintiffs' attorneys then petitioned

the Court for a "motion For Summary Judgment:" which stated that our

client's case had no merit.


In response, GreenPointe filed

Answering Paper with the court, prompting the Supreme Court Judge

to hear the case.


And when our client had their day in

Court the collecting law firm,

announced they were authorized to

settle for $2,525.00/ a 50% reduction.


Moreover, no additional interest or

Attorney fees were sought by the

Moving party, nor were any awarded

by the court.

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