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GreenPointe Financial, LLC is an attorney assisted credit repair company. As an entity GreenPointe does not provide legal, financial or tax advice.

If you are seeking legal, financial or tax advice you must contact a licensed professional for these services.

GreenPointe Financial only promises to perform the steps we've agreed to in each client's case and to charge each month only for steps already


Comments about the possible and/ or potential outcomes of Client's results are based upon experience and prior success with such matters; and

as with any credit repair, or legal work, no outcome can be promised. The number of items removed represents the combined removals for all three

credit bureaus. For example, if a single unverifiable item is removed from all three credit reports, it is counted as three separate deletions.

A client's active participation is required in that they must provide GreenPointe Financial, LLC all requested documents, and information including

dispute results; which are crucial in obtaining a corrected, accurate credit report.

Because each client's credit situation is unique Individual results will vary.